Rose Infused Detox Foot Pads

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Rose infused detoxifying foot pads to detox your body through your feet!


✅ NO FUSS, EASY TO USE Unlike some brands, our pads are All-in-One and easy as 1-2-3. 1)Wash and dry feet thoroughly before applying. 2) Simply peel off the adhesive and stick them to the arch of your your bare feet. 3) Put on your socks which will hold patches securely onto your feet for 6-8 hours to begin enjoying the therapeutic benefits.

HOMEOPATHIC ALL NATURAL Foot patches DO NOT have chemicals or additives and will give your feet relief by aiding in foot pain relief, foot odor and sleep. We only use the finest premium all-natural organic ingredients and without the use of chemicals, additives or fillers and NO-GMO.

✅ ROSE INFUSEDWagglingly foot pads are infused with rose which helps the skins pH balance and hydrates the skin. Rose is also known to assist in removing harmful bacteria, restore and balance hormones and improve anxiety. Although they are infused with rose the foot pads have an earthy scent.

WAGGLINGLY PRODUCTS YOU CAN TRUST!!! – Perfect to give to your friends. Get one for you and one for your mom or bestie and enjoy a lazy afternoon together.


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