Toxins are everywhere. There’s no escaping them in the environment, but if you are diligent and committed to remaining conscious you can eliminate toxins from your home and live a clean and healthy lifestyle.

An article we wrote recently breaks down the basics of how to eliminate toxins from your home, but we wanted to take it a step further in this article and give you more details on actions that will also keep you and your pets free from harmful toxins.

When you take steps to detox your home, your body and your pets you are taking your health and the health of your loved ones into your own hands. You are able to live clean and enjoy a longer and healthier quality of life. The same goes for your pets and the rest of your family.

Detox Your Home

Your home is a haven for contaminants. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In Home Detox 101 we talked about the air, water, dust and cleaning products but that was just the beginning. There are many other ways you can detox your home to live clean.

  • Eliminate plastics as much as you can.
  • Avoid nonstick pans as teflon contain PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals).
  • Stop using dryer sheets. Wool dryer balls are a better alternative.
  • Have your home check for mold periodically.
  • Use organic sheets and bedding instead of synthetic fabrics.

Detox Your Pets

We have a wonderful article on Detoxing Your Pets that talks about exercise, the environment, kidney detox and dry brushing. In addition, we recommend practicing the following.

  • Monitor vaccines and any prescriptions given to your pet to make sure they are not harmful in any way (vaccines contain OTC).
  • Ensure that grooming products used on your pets are all natural.
  • Avoid commercial pet food as most of them contain fillers, chemical preservatives and heavy metals.

Detox Your Body

Often times in a rush to care for our loved ones we can neglect self-care. In this instance, it is important to ensure that you also include yourself in your quest to eliminate toxins from your home and pets.

  • Dry brush your skin to remove toxins through your pores and stimulate cell growth while improving circulation.
  • Practice deep breathing at different intervals throughout the day to allow oxygen to circulate through your system more completely.
  • Ensure your diet has lots of fiber, specifically foods known for their detoxing qualities like spirulina, beets, broccoli, radishes and seaweed.
  • Ensure that you exercise regularly.
  • Drink the recommended 8 glasses of water daily (64 oz).
  • Try detoxing with apple cider vinegar pills


Any desire to live clean must begin with an appreciation for the process of eliminating toxins from our homes and our bodies. It’s not an easy journey but the benefits definitely make the waggle worth it.

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