With a shift toward living green and eating clean, there has been more and more focus on an organic lifestyle in recent years than any other time in recent history. So you’re probably wondering what all the hoopla is about anyway. What exactly does it mean to detox your home? And how do you actually do it once you’re convinced it’s a good idea?

Simply put (because who doesn’t love simplicity right?) to detox is to rid of toxins and harmful chemicals. So to detox your home means to rid the environment of toxins and create a safe ecologically-friendly space.

By now you’re probably aware that toxic chemicals are everywhere and your home is no exception. From the skincare products you use to household cleaners – they all have harmful chemicals. So here’s the scoop on how you can get started with detoxing your home.

Keep the air clean

Sometimes the air inside our homes can be more toxic than the air outside. With insulation systems designed to stabilize temperature during hot and cold months, many times these systems keep stale air in and fresh air out.

  • Get an air purifier. This will work wonders, especially for bedrooms.
  • Get green houseplants that are known as natural air detoxifiers.
  • Open windows and doors when possible to increase ventilation.

Say no to toxic cleaning products

Vinegar, lemon and baking soda work wonders as cleaning agents around the house. And the best part is they do not contain any of the harmful chemicals found in bleach and other harsh cleaners. Essential oils are also a great option for disinfecting and adding fragrance instead of aerosols with harmful chemicals. And did we also mention that they’re gentle on the skin and eyes? Bonus points!

Keep dust to a minimum

Dust is a pesky thing. And more importantly, more dust just means more toxins. Keep dust to a minimum in your household by doing the following:

  • Avoid wearing outside shoes in the house as they bring in lots of dust, dirt and harmful toxins.
  • Where possible, mop weekly to reduce the amount of dust around the house.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, as those are known to capture the widest range of particles and they also do a good job of capturing allergens too.

Filtered Water Beats Bottled Water

Most tap water isn’t safe for consumption. Tap water generally contains over 700 chemicals and contaminants so it’s a good idea to invest in a filtration system. And by using a water filter you can do your part in saving the environment by cutting down on plastic waste when you opt for filtered water instead of bottled water.

Detoxing is a Lifestyle

Detoxing is an ongoing process that will take commitment on your part. So in the first few weeks while it can be rough, waggle through. Once you establish a rhythm you will realize that the benefits are endless.

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