You’re probably a little peeved at yourself for not realizing that pets need to detox too. With all the talk of organic food and cleanses and detoxing, somewhere along the line you forgot that you should detox your pet so they can benefit from this lifestyle change too. But not to worry. The good news is, you’ve caught on before it’s too late so now your precious waggler will get to enjoy the benefits of a lifestyle change that include a longer and healthier life.

A part of being a responsible pet owner includes making sure your pet exercises, has frequent doctor’s visits, training, and a balanced diet. But beyond that, it’s important to pay attention to the animal’s overall health. Pets also encounter toxic metals like lead, mercury, and aluminum and for this reason, it’s important to ensure that you research the foods you give them if you are not sure of the ingredients.

Kidney Detox: Micro-manage what they eat

A good way to detox the kidneys is to change what your pet eats. By micromanaging their food intake and scrutinizing everything that goes into their systems you aid the kidney detox process and contribute significantly to their overall health by doing these simple things:

  • Only give them purified water. No exceptions here.
  • Avoid grocery store dried processed food. Instead, opt for natural food options or packaged food with all ingredients declared on the package.
  • Add cleansing herbs like parsley and cilantro to their diet
  • In some cases, a multivitamin or a supplement may be necessary to balance their diet and add needed nutrition. Be sure to consult a holistic vet before making any decisions.

Keep their environment clean

Pollutants are all around in the environment. From the paint on the walls to the air freshener and household cleaners you’re probably using, these items all contain toxins. In addition to the toxins within the home, every time your pets go outside they also encounter toxins so it is important to keep a close eye on them when they are in unfamiliar spaces or places you know to have contaminants like fertilizers or pesticides.

Ensure they are exercising

The benefits of exercise are many and have been proven by studies time and time again. Ensure that your pets get adequate exercise as this will do wonders for their general health and will improve the process of waste moving through the digestive tract.

Get a good stimulating pet hair brush

A pet hair brush is a very useful tool for helping to detox your pets. Skin is the largest organ on your furry friends so brushing goes a long way in keeping them healthy. Brushing removes dead cells and hair and also helps to stimulate blood circulation, thereby promoting new cell growth and keeping them healthy.

It may seem overwhelming at first given how many toxins exist in the environment but with a little commitment and a willingness to stick to the regimen, you will have done your part in making sure your little waggler leads and long and healthy life.

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