You’ve probably seen these two words – Cleansing and Detoxing – thrown around a lot. Heck, maybe you’ve even seen them used interchangeably. But we wanted to use this post to explain the difference between Cleansing and Detoxing as applied specifically to your body. We also wanted to give you a few pointers for when to use each. So let’s get right into it.

What is Cleansing

Cleansing is – as the name suggests – a way of cleaning your body. It often includes the use of pills or supplements and targets the digestive tract. Cleansing is mostly focused on improving digestion and boosting your body’s ability to absorb nutrition, thereby improving your overall health. This means replacing poor food choices with healthier alternatives.

What is Detoxing

On the other hand, detoxing is more about working with your body’s natural detox-removal processes powered by the kidney and the liver. While the body has its own natural detoxing process, sometimes it is necessary to give it a hand by giving your liver and kidneys the nutrients needed for them to function effectively. And that’s when it’s a good idea to detox. Detoxing also involves greater restriction than cleansing when it comes to the foods you are able to eat.

Why Cleanse or Detox?

Both detoxing and cleansing are great ways to rid the body of toxins – those pesky potentially harmful substances we come in contact with in the environment. They include heavy metals, air pollutants, pesticides and a host of others.

Even though the body has its own natural ways of expelling toxins, it’s still a good idea to support it. This is especially true in instances where you are exposed to lots of environmental toxins inside and outside the home as these often result in health issues like headaches, constipation, joint pain, fatigue, and anxiety. In such instances, cleansing and detoxing can be useful.

When to Choose a Cleanse vs a Detox

Even though they are similar in their end goal of keeping you healthy, cleansing and detoxing have different applications depending on what you want to accomplish. In many scenarios, both work perfectly as a solution. However, there are some instances in which one will be a better choice over the other.

If your goal is to boost your energy levels or to improve your overall health, you can go with either a detox or cleanse diet.

Conversely, if your goal is to lose weight quickly, a cleanse is a great idea as you can increase bowel movements by increasing your fiber intake and increase your protein consumption to maintain muscle mass. By cutting down on carbohydrates you can also help weight loss.

After a night of crazy drinking, a detox is a better idea as it will support the liver and kidneys which will bear responsibility for ridding your body of the poison you ingested the night before. (No judgment. We understand the need to unwind.)


You decide what’s best for you

Ultimately, whether you decide to detox or cleanse will depend on what you want to accomplish. Just be sure to get clear on your goals and choose the method that is best.





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