We recently wrote about must-have organic cleaning ingredients and gave you a list of uses for one of our favorites on the list – baking soda. Now we want to share some uses for another of our favorites – Castile liquid soap. Castile soap is a favorite in the organic community because it is completely plant-based. (Originally, the soap was made only from olive oil but more recent recipes from some manufacturers include other types of vegetable oil.) The best part about this soap is that it makes a wonderful base for most cleaning solutions since it is all-purpose and very effective.

Here are our 8 favorite uses for Castile liquid soap.

1. Shampoo

Castille soap works well as a base for a quality toxin-free homemade shampoo. We like adding coconut milk and coconut oil to Castile soap for a nourishing shampoo that moisturizes and protects the hair. You can also experiment and create your own versions by adding your favorite essential oil.

2. Body Wash

There’s no way we were going to write an article on uses for castile soap without talking about body wash. Grab your favorite essential oil, some honey, and coconut or jojoba oil and mix them all with some castile soap to make a nourishing body wash that moisturizes and cleans skin to perfection.

3. Hand Soap

Many of the commercial hand soaps on the market today have hard-to-pronounce ingredients that do more harm than good. And let’s not forget about all the ingredients they ‘forget’ to add to the label. Ditch the uncertainty and whip up your own hand soap using castile soap, water, and a dash of your favorite essential oil.

4. Reusable Wipes

Reusable wipes are a much more environmentally friendly alternative to the commercial wipes sold in stores. Cut up an old t-shirt to use as the wipes and get a large glass jar to store them in. To make the cleaning solution mix a cup of water, 1-ounce castile soap and about 10 drops of your favorite antibacterial essential oil (we like peppermint) in the glass jar then add the wipes. When you’re done simply machine wash the wipes and make another batch!

5. All-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner

For an effective bathroom cleaner, add 1 tablespoon baking soda and 2 tablespoons Castile soap to 2 cups distilled warm water then add your favorite antibacterial and fragrant essential oils (about 15-20 drops each). Pour the mixture into a glass spray bottle and use to clean all bathroom surfaces – toilets, bathtubs, basins, floors etc. For cleaning, spray the mixture onto the surface, let sit for 2 minutes then wipe with a damp cloth. Be sure to use within a few days since there is no preservative.

6. Fruit & Vegetable Wash

There’s no telling what’s on the fruits and vegetables you buy. So avoid the surprises and make a fruit and vegetable wash using Castile soap. Simply fill the sink halfway with water (leaving room for the food items) and add 1 teaspoon of castile soap with about 10 drops of citrus essential oil (choose your favorite) then swirl to mix. Let the fruits sit for about 10-15 minutes then rinse with plain water.

7. Laundry

There are many debates around variations for laundry detergent recipes, particularly around the use of specific ingredients like borax. We don’t recommend the use of borax. Instead, we prefer a recipe that combines Castile liquid soap, baking soda, salt, and washing soda. We suggest trying this recipe or this one.

8. Dish soap

Skip the commercial dish soap and use your Castile liquid soap as the perfect base for an organic and affordable solution. Add 2 tablespoons Castile liquid soap to 1 cup water and add two of your favorite citrus essential oils (about 10 drops of each). When you’re ready to do the dishes simply squeeze or squirt the soap mixture onto a dish sponge and wash dishes as normal.


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