5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Diet Today

Trying to improve your nutrition can be a scary thought. There are so many conflicting ideas available as to what makes up good nutrition. Changing your whole diet may not seem possible. So, we recommend that you use these five simple swaps or tricks to improve your nutritional quality.

1. Swap Your Orange juice

Orange juice is full of sugar. Typically, an 8-ounce glass of orange juice can have 21 g of sugar. This is a vastly different when compared to an actual orange, which only contains 12 g of sugar. Oranges also have a ton of things that your juice just doesn’t have. Moreover, an orange will have insoluble fiber, which is missing from the juice. If you want to keep your body happy and improve your overall nutrition, swapping orange juice for an orange is one of the easiest ways to do it.

2. Eat the Rainbow

Eat a wide variety of colored fruits and vegetables, as each offers unique nutrients and benefits for your body and for weight loss. This plan helps you focus on getting an array of colors into your diet rather than sticking with bland processed foods.
Really, some of the only purple foods will be onions and eggplants. You will have to widen your diet variety if you want to truly taste the rainbow. This gives you a goal to work towards without forcing you to eat a certain number of servings or certain amount of calories. Just hitting your goal of eating foods in every color category will drastically improve your nutrition.

3. Take Your Food with You

Taking your food with you to school or work for lunch is an easy way to cut calories and give you better nutritional quality. You can use leftovers from healthy dinners or even make sandwiches the day of. No matter what you choose, it will be far healthier than picking a burger and fries off of a fast food menu. Making sure that you have access to healthy food is the easiest way to improve your nutrition.

4. Eat until Satisfied

When you eat until you’re satisfied and not until you’re full, you’re likely to eat in just less calories. Often many causes of digestive disorders like IBS, GERD, and indigestion are over eating or eating the wrong foods. Being mindful of how much your body can hold and not stuffing yourself to the point of gluttony is a great way to increase your overall nutrition not only will your body appreciate the consideration, but you are likely to choose foods that are better for you to increase your satiety.

5. Bake, Grill, or Broil

Many people still fry their meat in oils and butters. This even includes vegetables! Swap frying with baking, grilling or broiling. If you’re eating a meat that contains a skin, like chicken, make sure you remove the skin before you cook it.

In addition to changing how you cook if you can also try eating fish at least once a week. This should help you watch your overall calories. Not only that, but you will get essential fatty acids that aren’t available from many other food sources.

Now you have an easy list that you can choose from to help improve your overall nutritional quality. The best thing about this list of five easy ways to improve your nutrition is that there isn’t a lot of work you need to do.

It is easy to swap out orange juice for an orange. It’s easy to change how you cook your food. These small simple changes can lead to drastic differences in your overall nutrition. Nutritional quality has a great impact on your health so making these changes now will improve your quality of life now and in the future.

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