As we dive into summer and the heat promises to make us pay, many of us will turn to cold beverages for salvation from the sweltering heat. But our favorite drinks are often riddled with calories, and plain old water can be so boring. Unless you jazz it up with some Wagglingly-approved healthy yet tasty ingredients.

Full disclosure – this is nothing new or revolutionary. Detox water (aka infused water, fruit-flavored water) has been around for a while now. We didn’t come up with it (though we certainly wish we did). It’s a super cool way of dressing up water so its taste matches its benefits.

Still not convinced? No problem. We’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons why you should be drinking detox water this summer. Hopefully, you’ll love it so much that you will continue sipping long after the leaves turn brown.

1. Cleanses the liver

Our liver is tasked, along with the kidneys, with cleaning our bodies. With all the junk we consume – like alcohol, coffee, and fatty foods – detox water is a nice way of giving our poor liver a break while keeping us hydrated in the process.

2. Boosts the kidney

Drinking detox water results in more frequent urination. Which, if you’ve been paying any attention, is one way of helping the kidney perform its natural function of ridding the body of toxins while cleansing itself. We call that a win-win.

3. Helps with digestion

It is no secret that being properly hydrated goes a long way in helping the digestive process as well as regular bowel movements. In fact, if you are constipated one of the first suggestions you will get is to drink more water. It’s a no-brainer. Infused water works as well as plain water, but just with a whole lot more flavor.

4. Boosts immune function

Since detox water helps with digestion and lends a hand to our kidneys and liver it stands to reason that it also helps boost immune function. We like to think of it as an added bonus – an extra benefit if you will.

5. Increases energy and improves mood

Studies prove that staying hydrated goes a long way in impacting energy levels and mood. If you’re feeling down in the doldrums or under the weather a natural and healthy way to find the mood is to drink more water, in this case, infused water.


You have plenty reasons to drink some infused water this summer. And we didn’t even add the fact that it’s low calorie, tastes great, and is super easy to make (that’s an additional 3 benefits if you’re counting). So there is no excuse really.

Give it a waggle and let us know how you enjoyed it!





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