If you are serious about home detox and keeping your home clean using only natural and organic ingredients there are certain items that you must have in your arsenal. Many store-bought cleaners have harmful chemicals in their ingredients but since many manufacturers don’t even bother to list their ingredients – and they are not required to, by the way – there is no way to know what products in your home may be harmful to you and your family.

The best solution for those of us who want to remain healthy is to take matters into our own hands and create our own products from ingredients we know to be safe. Whether you are planning on cleaning foggy windows, struggling with a smelly carpet, or trying to figure out the best way to get rid of the grime between your bathroom tiles, this list of cleaning products will always come in handy in the fight against toxins and common household germs. And while they cost a fraction of the price of storebought cleaners, they will do none of the harm.

1. Baking Soda

Baking Soda is a household cleaning gem. Officially called sodium bicarbonate, this fine white powder is really a salt that has a long list of uses. For this article though, our main focus is on household cleaning. On its own baking soda is effective as a pesticide to kill cockroaches, as a fire extinguisher (in the case of small electrical fires), control or reduce fungal growth and mold, and will also get rid of or reduce musty smells in a space.

The power of baking soda is even more impressive when it is paired with vinegar or lemon juice, which is one of the many reasons it earns a spot on our list.

2. White Distilled Vinegar

Vinegar consists of acetic acid (4-7%) and water (93-96%) and is commonly made from the fermentation of grain alcohol (ethanol). Despite the simplicity of its ingredients, it is one of the most powerful organic multipurpose cleaners you will ever come across. You may use it in its pure form of dilute with water using a 1:1 ratio. White distilled vinegar’s uses are many and varied. Use it as a substitute for commercial fabric softener or use it to clean your microwave (equal parts water and vinegar). Since it is good at killing germs, eliminating odors, and getting rid of mold and mildew it is also a great substitute for commercial disinfectants as well.

When paired with baking soda or when pair with hydrogen peroxide white distilled vinegar has even greater cleaning properties. A baking soda and vinegar paste is good for removing grime from ovens or cleaning carpets, while hydrogen peroxide and vinegar work wonders in the bathroom.

3. Lemon or Lime Juice

Lemon (or lime) juice is not just good for your favorite summer drink or spritzy cocktail. It’s also great as an organic cleaning ingredient. It is great at removing odors and getting rid of stains. Lemon juice is great at removing limescale (also known as hard water) from taps and fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom. Just be careful when using lemon juice as it will damage brass or brass-plated surfaces.

4. Castille Soap

Castille soap is a great multipurpose cleaner that can function as the base ingredient for many solutions for both home and body. Whether you’re making DIY shampoos, body washes, dishwashing liquid, or hand soap Castille soap will always come in handy.


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